Energy Log Book

Part L 2006 requires that building owners be provided with summary information about a new or refurbished building, its building services and their maintenance requirements in a building log book. CIBSE TM31 explains what sort of information the log book should contain.
The CIBSE Building log book tool kit templates offer a standard format for the summary. This covers how a building is intended to work and how it is meant to be maintained and serviced. They also provide a means to record the energy use and maintenance of the services within the building.

Log books provide a simple, easily accessible summary of a new or refurbished building rather than the detail contained in O & M manuals.

The easy way to show compliance with new Part L is to produce a building log book based on the guidance of CIBSE TM31. It gives detailed guidance on the scope, structure and contents of the log book, who should write it and who should keep it up to date.

Energy Log Book

Who is it for?

The TM31 is for everyone who is or will be seeking to develop a log book including:

  • Facilities managers
  • Building and building services designers
  • Those replacing or altering building services plant in existing buildings
  • Clients
  • Specialist O&M manual authors who want to offer logbooks as well.