Air Tightness Testing
DFP Technical Booklet Part F2 (Buildings other
than dwellings) refers to all new buildings
except dwellings. All new building with usable
floor area greater than 500m2 must be tested.
Buildings below this figure must be tested or
use penalty value within SBEM or equivalent
rating. Extensions less than 100m² and do not
increase the usable area by more than 25% do
not require testing, extensions above these
values will require testing and also
requirements of consequential improvements to the existing
FMC Services also provides Air Tightness Testing for domestic
dwellings. Air tightness certificates and
reports including air leakage rates are
All tests are approved in compliance with
ATTMA (Air Tightness Testing and
Measurement Association) standards.
From initial specification to on-site testing,
our professional and helpful service provides
Clients with practical and cost effective
solutions to achieve Part F1 & F2 of the
Building Regulations in Northern Ireland and Part L in Republic
of Ireland.